How to gain muscle mass quickly

by Scenit Nutrition on Dec 27, 2022

Cómo conseguir aumentar la masa muscular rápidamente

If you have come this far, it is because you have wondered on more than one occasion how to get muscle mass . Hypertrophy, which is the increase in muscle mass, is a process closely linked to the intensity of training, a correct rest plan and healthy habits in terms of diet and nutritional supplementation.

However, it is possible that you try desperately to gain muscle fast and you do not succeed. This is common, it happens on many occasions. The solution is to design adequate training plans, not become demotivated and gradually adapt the body to the new training stimuli . We tell you in detail how to gain muscle mass quickly and how this process works.

How does the increase in muscle mass work?

The increase in muscle mass requires a training process of at least six or eight weeks . It is from that moment when the muscles begin to adapt to the training load and more repetitions can be incorporated . After that time, even if you don't look physically stronger, you will notice it easier to complete the workouts and add intensity.

Muscles are made up of numerous fibers, which are like ropes made from different materials. The hypertrophy process is only accomplished when all these fibers work together . This synergy in the work of the fibers is what makes it easier to gain resistance to improve the repetition of exercises.

At that eight-week barrier with strength training, the body already begins to repair the mini-lesions caused by the effort and adds more tissue for future sessions . That is when you have to increase the performance of training.

The muscles are strengthened and grow in response to the stimuli of the training itself. The growth process is not during training, but just after as an acclimatization response . Muscle growth, therefore, begins during the recovery process , which is when the injured fibers are repaired.

Advantages of gaining muscle mass

The increase in muscle mass goes hand in hand with many benefits. In the world of sport there are very obvious examples of this reality. The best basketball player in the history of Spain increased his weight by 13 kilograms in his short initial stay in the ACB before leaving for the NBA. In the American league he continued to work his body to be able to face the most powerful centers in the world with guarantees.

But leaving professional sports aside, the advantages of strength training, which is what allows hypertrophy processes, also help amateur athletes, as it improves coordination and balance and reduces the risk of injury.

Gaining muscle fast is synonymous with controlling muscle fat

Muscle mass keeps the level of body fat at bay. When we gain muscle mass, the percentage of fat is reduced , since muscle tissue consumes more energy than adipose tissue and this favors a more accelerated metabolism . Unlike fat tissue, which stores energy, muscle tissue consumes it.

hypertrophy and mental health

A powerful musculature is associated with benefits on a physical level but also on the mental aspect . Hypertrophy attempts should be assumed as a posture of good spirits, positivism, personal challenges. The process of increasing muscle mass can be seen as the trigger to continue with good habits and that this goes hand in hand with a better mood and more personal self-acceptance.

Lower incidence of diabetes

Moving on to physical health, muscle mass improves glycemic management and helps prevent diabetes. The body stores glycogen in the liver and muscles. This means that a low level of muscle mass impairs glycemic processes , which can lead to the development of insulin resistance and eventually diabetes.

Less joint pain

The muscular system is related to and depends to a large extent on the health of the skeletal system and joints. Good muscle health helps reduce joint pain , as many of them are related to the lack of joint support for powerful muscle mass.

All this forces to develop training sessions that affect the reduction of injuries and in which tendons, ligaments and connective tissue are strengthened.

Muscles and bones go hand in hand.

Muscular work is not limited only to this body structure. When you work your muscles generate forces in the fibers that stress the bone tissue . This tension, perceived as stress, stimulates bone densification . This process is very beneficial in women after menopause.

Tips to increase muscle mass

The ideal formula to gain muscle mass and obtain revenue from strength training is through regular and varied sessions that are accompanied by a good diet, suitable supplementation and well-designed recurring breaks.

Muscles can disappear as fast as they appear, even sooner, if they are not stimulated correctly. For this reason it is essential to find a routine with variations so as not to stagnate and continue progressing . We look at some key dynamics below.

A measured training plan focused on increasing muscle mass

It is not enough to put yourself in the hands of a personal trainer or train as such to find routines that are suitable for reaching the goal, but you have to keep track of those workouts , noting the series performed and the weights used every day.

This way you can increase the strength and weight in a progressive and controlled way . You will not depend on the sensations, but on what is registered.

An adequate diet

The basic nutrients to promote muscle growth are proteins. For beginner athletes who want to quickly build their muscles, it is advisable to take between 1.3 and 1.5 grams of protein daily per kilogram of body weight . Athletes or athletes who are already more toned can increase this intake up to 2 grams per kilo.

Fish, chicken, low-fat dairy, legumes, nuts, and grains are good choices. Other nutrients that cannot be missing from the diet are complex carbohydrates , which provide energy and increase performance for strength training. We find complex carbohydrates in whole grain products and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Sports supplementation to gain muscle mass

Beyond progressive strength training, which must be prescribed with a diet designed for the same objective, sports supplementation is very productive throughout this process.

Scenit Nutrition's creatine provides a greater ability to develop levels of strength and speed in training. In turn, it stores water in the muscles, which favors the development of glycogen.

Thinking more in the long term, Whey protein contributes to a better recovery and a more optimal development of muscle fibers. In turn, it is an immediate source of energy.

Supplementation, before or after training

The eternal question about sports supplementation is whether to take these products before or after training. The answer depends on each plugin . Some are designed to provide immediate energy and boost the work of muscle fibers, but others seek a different effect.

At Scenir Nutrition we have Best Recoup , a recoverer rich in protein, amino acids and vitamins that is perfect for strengthening muscle recovery. Its intake does not mean that the training dynamics can be varied, since the scheduled breaks must be respected, but they do face those sessions with more optimism, in better shape.

Duration and schedule of training sessions

The training to gain muscle fast should be short, but intense, between 45 minutes and an hour . If that duration is exceeded, it is possible that the endocrine system begins to release catabolic hormones that promote a reduction in muscle mass.

The training must be based on routines with a maximum of three to six repetitions, without exceeding 12 to 16 work series and basing all the dynamics on basic exercises, with three to four exercises per muscle group.

Some classic exercises are deadlifts, bench presses, squats, and shoulder presses. It is also possible to work several muscle groups at the same time. The number of strength training sessions per week depends on the level. Beginners should not exceed two or three weekly sessions , while athletes with a higher level can train more frequently.

As for rest, also important, you have to wait at least 24 hours to undergo another strength training . If the same muscle group is trained, that rest period is longer, 48 hours.


How to get muscle mass is a question that has an easy answer: with a lot of training, perseverance, and dedication. If we delve deeper into this topic, we reach the aforementioned conclusions; increase the load progressively, maintain a balanced diet with high protein weight, respect breaks and complement all this with adequate nutritional supplementation.