Benefits of doing Tabata and what this method consists of

by Scenit Nutrition on Dec 27, 2022

Beneficios de hacer Tabata y en qué consiste este método

Research in Sports Sciences advances every day with the purpose of discovering the best methods in biomechanics, physiology and psychology, in order to improve the performance of athletes. In its framework, the benefits of making a Tabata were discovered, which is what focuses our attention in this article.

Tabata tables have their seed in the research of sports scientists, and proposes a method that is easy to assume but very demanding in execution. From Scenit Nutrition we recommend it for its multiple advantages, but you should know what it consists of and how you can improve the results.

What is the Tabata method

The Tabata method was developed by the Japanese researcher Izumi Tabata , who has been at the forefront of Sports Science throughout his professional career. It was in the 90s when he studied the benefits of high intensity interval training, what we know today as HIIT for its acronym in English. The Tabata method is included within it.

Specifically, in the experiment the Olympic speed skating team was subjected to the so-called IE1 Protocol, which consisted of pedaling the bicycle at the maximum of its capacity for 20 seconds, taking a 10-second break and completing the same steps for four minutes. It was found that the aerobic capacity increased by 14% in the group subjected to this method, compared to the 10% reached by another group not subjected to these levels of intensity.

Therefore, making clear what Tabata is, it is about intense training at short intervals . The experiment pointed out the advantages of alternating aerobic and anaerobic types of exercise, which is why its proposal was incorporated both into professional sports and into the world of fitness and gyms. Today it is common to find HIIT classes in sports centers.

What does it consist of?

Given the effective results verified in the framework of the experiment, the proposal has remained practically unchanged. What is the Tabata method today? In performing eight series of 20 seconds each doing as many repetitions as possible, and with only 10 rest between them.

It's only four minutes in total, and this short window of time catches the eye of many people who find that they have little time to exercise. But the method is very demanding and it is required to be in good physical shape , so it is not especially suitable for people who are just beginning to acquire their sports routines.

Common Tabata Method Exercises

Among the common exercises of the Tabata method are the funds, the zacandas, the burpees, the skipping or the abdominals, but these are just a few examples. Let's see an example of a Tabata circuit that is only four minutes long:

  • push-ups You can do them with your feet or with your knees resting on the ground, depending on your level or what is most comfortable for you. Watch the position of the back when you execute the exercise.
  • jumps . You must perform them by opening and closing your arms and legs as you go up and down.
  • Side touches . The starting position is on the floor, with your legs bent and your back slightly raised, as if you were doing sit-ups. Maintain that position and alternately touch one foot and the other with both hands.
  • High table-low table . The starting position is the same as for push-ups: hands and toes flat on the floor, keeping your back straight. Alternately support one forearm and the other to acquire the low plank position, and then return to the previous one.
  • Simple squats . Bend your knees, lower your buttocks well and watch the position of your back.
  • climber . You must place yourself in the high plank position, with the balls of your feet resting on the ground. Alternatively, lift one foot off the ground and bring your knees forward, as if you wanted to touch your elbow with them. First one foot and then the other.
  • Strides forward . Stand tall and bring one foot forward as if you were completing a step. As you do this, lower the rear knee so that the front knee is also bent. Then do the same with the other leg.
  • Standing twist . You should also be standing with your legs shoulder-width apart and your hands behind your head. Raise one knee at the same time that you turn and lower the trunk, as if you wanted to touch the knee that you raise with the elbow of the opposite arm. Repeat alternately with both legs.

It is about doing the exercises at maximum intensity for 20 seconds, doing as many repetitions as possible. Each set of eight exercises will take you four minutes to complete , but you can do more than one as you gain level.

To check if you execute the exercises correctly you can watch this video from The Fitologists. Since it is aimed at beginners, it is not the most demanding routine, but it will give you an idea.

Benefits of making Tabata

The Tabata method, and in general high intensity interval exercises or HIIT, are very popular in the world of fitness. In this way, both face-to-face gyms and those that offer online classes offer the activity among their catalogue. And it is that, in addition, customers demand it for its multiple benefits, which we review below.

It takes little time

Time is one of the main barriers to practicing physical exercise today, given the professional and family obligations that focus our attention. Completing a single set of four minutes, or two of eight or even three for 12 minutes, means that in less than a quarter of an hour you have done an effective exercise combining strength and cardio.

In addition, as you have seen in our example table, it can be easily practiced at home without the need for material . In short, there are no excuses.

High effectiveness

We have already explained that the Tabata method was born within the framework of sports-scientific research , that is, in an experiment supervised by a renowned Sports Science researcher. And its results were quite eloquent.

Tabata boards improve the aerobic and anaerobic system, cardiovascular and muscular endurance . Training at high intensity releases testosterone and growth hormones, which promotes good muscle tone. And this will result in the improvement of sports performance.


The exercises proposed in the example table are within the reach of those who are new to the Tabata method, but the difficulty can be increased as you progress . You can increase the number of sets or incorporate exercises that require more technical expertise, such as pull-ups.

Any exercise that you consider to be within your reach and with which you can do repetitions in a short period of time, is likely to be incorporated into the method. Look for what best suits your level and goals.

Greater caloric expenditure

Since you are training at a high intensity, you will increase your caloric expenditure. That is why HIIT is highly recommended for weight loss, because it helps reduce the body fat index and leads us towards efficiency.

Little by little you will increase your performance and that will give you a lot of satisfaction and motivation to continue, but remember not to push yourself more than necessary so as not to experience the opposite effect. If you have doubts, ask a professional.

How to improve results

Practice makes perfect, and if you're consistent, you'll notice results sooner than you think. But the advancement of sports and biochemical sciences allows you to optimize those results to the maximum to continue advancing. We give you some useful tips.

1. Take care of the pre-workout

When you are going to do a high intensity training, it is recommended that you take something light but nutritious about two hours before the physical activity. Among the options are nuts, a piece of fruit or a low-fat yogurt, although you can also combine.

Sports enhancers will also help you improve performance by promoting strength, efficiency, and concentration. Pulse Attack , for example, is a powder supplement with a studied mix of ingredients: L-Citrulline, Creatine, B-Alanine...

2. Food as a great pillar

A healthy and balanced diet will connect your body with your goals. It is recommended to consume three servings a day of fruits, vegetables and vegetables, at least two servings of legumes a week, zero to four servings of fish and zero to seven eggs. The consumption of cereals and tubers will depend on your physical activity.

Remember that losing weight will increase your performance , and if this is your main goal today, you have allies like Lipo Razed at hand. It is a plant-based thermogenic with 19 active ingredients, which boosts metabolism and burns fat naturally.

3. Hydrating is also essential

Correct hydration is just as important as a good diet, since dehydration increases the risk of ailments and injuries as well as diminishing performance. It is about replenishing the liquid and salts that are lost through sweat.

Intense exercise will increase losses, but hydrators like Best Recoup are ideal for recovery. With a refreshing watermelon flavor, it will stimulate protein synthesis, promote catabolism, and reduce fatigue and muscle damage.

In short, the benefits of doing Tabata are such that you should consider starting high-intensity exercises, as long as you are in adequate physical shape. It has advantages such as maximum effectiveness in minimum time, as well as high adaptability that allows you to configure the tables according to your level and objectives. And you can always resort to extra elements to improve your performance.